Human Growth Hormone

Increase your sex drive, improve your mood, and combat the signs of aging

Feel-Good Treatment for Women

Human growth hormone (hGH) is Toronto’s trending “feel good” treatment for men and women. People visit the specialized doctors at Sovereign Female for trustworthy guidance and the latest beauty, health, and wellness support, including hGH.

Today, patients inquire about the benefits of this treatment regularly, as more studies show the efficacy and attractive benefits of hGH.

It’s reasonable to ask, Is hGH safe? This hormone treatment has a reputation for solving a plethora of health problems. But not all products marketed with this name are regulated or approved. Our doctors can help you navigate safe hGH treatment for women.

Sovereign Female is a leading-edge, full-service cosmetic clinic in Toronto offering a rich spectrum of aesthetic and female health services. Our team of RNs, gynecologists, and medical aestheticians adhere to the highest safety and Health Canada standards. We offer elite, specialized services, and we’d love to talk about reviving your best life.

What Is HGH for Women?

Made by the pituitary gland, human growth hormone is responsible for regulating tissue growth of all types.

hGH spurs growth in children and plays a role in regulating body composition, metabolism, fluids, muscle, bone, and possibly heart function. It affects the collagen responsible for elastic, firm skin.

The synthetic form of human growth hormone is the active ingredient in multiple prescription drugs and products available on the Internet.

Somatropin is the most recognized generic name and is available as a muscular injection. Other brands of hGH include

  • Nutropin AQ
  • Norditropin
  • Omnitrope
  • Humatrope
  • Serostim
  • Saizen
How Can You Increase Your HGH Levels?

Your natural growth hormone secretion, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1), and GH-binding protein decline as you age. This is referred to as “somatopause”. Muscle loss, fat collecting around the belly, and declining mental function are all indicators of this decline.

Aside from taking a physician-supervised synthetic hGH, there is a natural way that some people raise their levels.

Lose excess weight

Being overweight can affect hormone levels, so lowering your body fat to a healthy BMI is a crucial step that women can take to balance HGH. Obese people also have less IGF-1 and growth-related protein. Under a doctor’s supervision, people who lose significant weight can see their levels climb in many cases.

Certain oral amino acid combinations have shown the potential to stimulate natural growth hormone creation.

Intermittent fasting also holds potential for positive hormone changes. Our health and wellness specialists would be happy to support your transformative journey.

What Does It Do, and Who Is It For?

Since its use began in 1985, human growth hormone has been prescribed for adults with short bowel syndrome, patients with HIV or AIDS, and children with short stature. Common childhood disorders that affect growth include Turner’s syndrome, a disorder that affects female development, and Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic disorder presenting with weak muscles, low sex hormone levels, and constant hunger.

Canadian athletes use hGH, because it promotes healing for damaged muscles. Human growth hormone stimulates the cellular metabolic process to activate your metabolism. It prompts the liver to signal protein that produces cartilage. Muscle protein synthesis occurs during the production of cartilage as well. People undergoing hGH therapy claim that they can build muscle mass more efficiently, increase their metabolism, and burn fat.

People with a growth hormone deficiency choose supplementation to

  • increase their capacity to exercise
  • increase their bone density
  • increase their muscle mass
  • lose their unwanted body fat

An appealing benefit for adults is weight loss. Studies don’t show consistent fat loss results. However, reports of success from patients drive the popularity of human growth hormone treatment. Patients say that they build muscle faster and regain physical strength quickly after injuries with hGH. They feel better, and they look better.

What Are the Risks of hGH?

Young adults tend to have fewer and more short-lived side effects from hGH than adults. Studies are ongoing and inconclusive as to whether side effects eventually resolve or worsen. This human growth hormone is not androgenic, doesn’t convert testosterone into estrogen, and carries few side effects in low doses.

The doctors who prescribe human growth hormone monitor the effects of taking it and adjust it accordingly to reduce incidences of unwanted outcomes. Talk to your doctor about the full list of considerations, contraindications, and risks for hGH treatment before proceeding.

For any age, a top concern is regarding counterfeit drugs that some people obtain without qualified physician supervision. Only a doctor can assess your need for hGH and prescribe it safely.

Is hGH the Right Treatment for You?

Women stay in the workforce and the dating scene longer today. A career edge and physical stamina are highly desirable as natural aging, stress, and hormone depletion slow them down.

After beginning human growth hormone treatment, people who had a deficiency say that they can work harder, think clearly, and feel mentally and physically healthier. The potential benefits are almost too many to list. If your natural hormone levels have fallen off, you have the potential to gain your quality of life back with the proper treatment.

Supplements and injections for women diagnosed with a hormonal deficiency are intended to revive those declining levels to help restore youthful energy and image.

After lab work to evaluate your blood hormone levels and a physical assessment, you may be prescribed an hGH supplement or IM (intramuscular) injection based on your individual growth hormone deficiency. Ongoing monitoring ensures that all our clients receive their optimal balance and benefits.

Why Do Women Choose Sovereign Female?

Your consultation to discuss your health and wellness comes with no obligation. You’re free to ask plenty of questions, learn about treatment options, and consider the right ones for you.

Our stylish facility at 59 Hayden Street offers you unmatched service and discretion in an elegant, comfortable space. Our state-of-the-art centre is designed with your VIP patient experience in mind.

Your dedicated health care team at Sovereign Female ensures uncompromising excellence and safety for our full range of services.

If you’re considering balancing your hormones and recharging your life, we’ll be pleased to tell you more about hGH treatment. Call or submit our contact form. We look forward to speaking soon.


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