Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Non-Surgical Incontinence Treatment that Works

Why practice Kegel exercises?

Toronto women (and men) may be advised by their physician to adopt this simple DIY exercise for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Specifically, when stress urinary incontinence (SUI) symptoms become a problem after childbirth or for other reasons, learning to contract, hold, and release muscles surrounding the urethra can make a measurable difference. However, the results aren’t guaranteed, and it can be tricky to develop consistency. At Sovereign Female, we understand the complexity of intimate issues, and we know that many people are seeking safe, non-surgical incontinence treatments that work.

We offer the convenient, comfortable and powerful technology of Fotona’s IntimaLase® and IncontiLase®. Along with overall health improvements and Kegel exercises, this leading-edge laser treatment for UI and vaginal rejuvenation are changing lives for Toronto women.

We invite you to learn more about options to feel your best again.

What Are Kegel Exercises,
and How Are They Done?

If Kegels have presented a bit of a mystery for you until now, we’re going to clear things up. Arnold Henry Kegel, a gynecologist, made this exercise a household name.

Kegels are simple clench-and-release manoeuvres that you can do without anyone else noticing. Your pelvic floor is between your hips and under your reproductive organs. A muscular system that forms a type of sling holds organs like your bladder in place. If those muscles become weak or stretched, your bladder control may be affected.

Tensing the muscles in this area (Kegel exercises), in the same way you do to stop urine flow, targets the right zone.

  1. Before beginning the exercises, empty your bladder.
  2. Practice clenching (holding) for a count of 3 and releasing.
  3. Complete 10 repetitions 3 or more times per day.

The great thing about Kegels is, they can be done anywhere! No need for a gym membership or any special gear. You can complete your reps while out shopping, sitting at your desk, in the shower — wherever you remember to get them done.

Over time, muscles strengthen because of regular use and will do a better job of supporting the bladder, vagina, and uterus.

Kegel exercises are free and are worth doing if you can get in the habit! Unfortunately, consistency is vital, and that’s easier said than done for many women.

Luckily, there’s also a non-surgical laser treatment available as urinary incontinence treatment, without the wait or daily work.

IncontiLase & IntimaLase® Therapy:

Laser Plus Kegel Exercises

Many factors weaken the pelvic floor for women, including childbirth, ageing, or weight gain. Symptoms of vaginal relaxation and SUI are widespread, with millions of women reporting these concerns.

Women are often deeply ashamed of this condition and may live in fear of having an accident. Aside from missing out on favourite activities, it can lead to isolation and even depression! If you’re struggling with SUI, you’re not alone.

Kegel exercises are a useful tool for nearly anyone, whether they have SUI or not. However, there may be more than one non-surgical urinary incontinence treatment for you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with severe stress urinary incontinence or mixed urinary incontinence, surgery may be advised. For mild to moderate cases, Kegels are a 0-risk, free option and may be recommended first.

We offer another low-risk, non-surgical incontinence treatment to try. IncontiLase® is a discreet, in-office procedure that takes just a few minutes and can dramatically reduce episodes of urine leaking after only one session.

Does laser work for incontinence?

The Fotona Smooth® laser therapy line is beneficial for numerous gynecology applications.

  • IncontiLase®
  • IntimaLase®
  • ProlapLase®
  • RenovaLase®

These are each designed with a slightly different applicator and delivery system to target gynecological issues.

Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) means vaginal wall laxity from changes in connective tissue due to ageing or stretching. Laser vaginal tightening with non-ablative IntimaLase® has treated this issue with excellent success for over a decade.

When it comes to VRS or SUI, Fotona Er:YAG laser therapies achieve remarkable results for our patients, with no downtime.

To treat mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence, the photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis is non-ablative. That means that without a painful healing period or visible damage to mucosal tissue, your endopelvic fascia and surrounding tissue can be triggered to thicken, strengthen, and create collagen.

What Results Can You Expect?

What results can you expect from laser non-surgical incontinence treatment?

The results include

  • the tightening of the vaginal canal
  • improved muscle and skin tone
  • better pelvic support for the bladder (taking pressure off the urethra muscles)
  • decreased instances of urinary leakage – or none at all!

Our patients report nearly instant improvements, with results building over the weeks following a session. While you’ll wait months to note gains after daily Kegel exercises, the improvements after Fotona laser therapy for UI are measurably fast, with almost 70% of patients stating they’re completely dry after 120 days. 94% of patients report improvement, and 68% claim to be free of SUI symptoms for good!


We understand if you feel a little nervous when you consider intimate procedures. Rest assured, this non-surgical incontinence treatment is discreet, and our patients describe it as comfortable, quick, and easy.

Sovereign Female makes caring, experienced gynecologists and RNs available to treat your concerns quickly and simply with this popular protocol.

You’ll be escorted to a private treatment suite. Your practitioner will review treatment details and let you know what to expect before proceeding.

The laser device has a small, smooth wand attachment which is gently inserted in the vagina, similar to a speculum used for pelvic exams. The laser energy is delivered in pulses throughout the treatment zone and externally over the vulvar tissue. You may feel slight warmth or tingling throughout.

Once complete, you can carry on with your day right away. We’ll advise you to avoid sexual intercourse and tampons for roughly 1 week, but there are no other restrictions and no pain medication needed. Many women book this convenient treatment over their lunch break.


To the delight of our clients, 1 treatment is often enough to obtain a long-lasting improvement of vaginal relaxation syndrome and a substantial reduction in stress urinary incontinence episodes. If you need it, your practitioner may advise a follow-up session booked 6 months after your first session.


Absolutely, you can! At Sovereign Female, we recommend that you meet with our medical specialists to discuss your situation and learn about appropriate options.

We offer no-obligation consultations, so you’re free to gather personalized, professional advice.

There are often numerous ways that our patients can look and feel their best by combining treatments with a holistic approach. For instance, we may help you shed excess weight with diet and nutrition advice.

IntimaLase® or IncontiLase® treatment plus regular Kegel exercises might benefit your body in multiple ways. We’ll be happy to help you discover what your rejuvenation plan looks like. Just give our Sovereign team a call or fill in our online form to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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