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Do you pee when you sneeze? At Sovereign Female, we think it’s about time that safe, long-lasting solutions were available to women suffering from urinary incontinence (UI).

You might dismiss a little leak here and there, but no amount of embarrassment or inconvenience from urinary leakage is acceptable.

Still, many women have resigned to live with incontinence and may be too shy to complain. We’re here to reassure you that this problem is widespread but totally unfair. And we can help.

What impact does incontinence have on your life?

General estimates for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women suggest that almost 50% of adult females experience leakage occasionally or live with mild to severe incontinence.

An even higher 80% of women experience vaginal atrophy after vaginal birth with 1 or more children and during menopause. Did you know that changes in your vaginal tissue and surrounding muscles can all be related?

Many women don’t know where to turn to solve urinary incontinence, or they fear that only surgery can help.

Sovereign Female is home to caring gynecologists, nurses, and feminine medical experts who understand your body and the concerns that women face.

Serious negative effects related to SUI include

  • depression
  • social withdrawal
  • anxiety
  • skincare problems

Women of any age or background who want to feel more confident and in control can visit our welcoming clinic to discover exciting advances in non-surgical treatment. Feminine rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, and UI treatment often go hand in hand, but increasingly they skip surgical risks.

It may seem too good to be true, but for thousands of women like you, our laser treatment has improved life immeasurably. Find out what it’s all about at Sovereign.

What causes

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) means an involuntary loss of urine when force is applied to the muscles in the pelvic region. When you cough or sneeze, lift something substantial, or laugh, sudden muscle pressure is applied to the bladder, and the little urethra muscles can’t resist.

Are you one of the “can’t laugh or I’ll pee” tribe? You may be experiencing SUI.

Here’s why it happens. Your bladder has 2 functions. First, it stores urine, and second, its muscled walls contract to push urine out through the urethra. Ideally, it does so when you choose to do so. The urethra sphincter muscle controls flow.

It’s helpful to understand the difference between stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and urge urinary incontinence (UUI). UUI is the sudden and unstoppable urge to pee. In contrast, SUI doesn’t come with a sudden urge to urinate. The underlying causes for these two types of urinary incontinence are different. SUI is often related to childbirth because of pressure and extreme pelvic floor stretching during pregnancy and delivery.

How did doctors treat SUI in the past?

In the past, muscular training known as Kegel exercises was a mainline defence and was recommended for all post-baby females. These flex manoeuvres involve clenching the pelvic floor and urethra muscles regularly, repeatedly, to strengthen them. This is still a great idea to keep things toned. However, compliance and the results are variable and don’t necessarily reverse an existing problem.

At Toronto incontinence clinics, surgically implanted devices like urethral slings have been accepted as next-level interventions for urinary incontinence. These devices are intended to lift pressure off the bladder internally. Surgery carries risks and requires hospitalization. Downtime, recovery, and concerns for complications make this a last resort for many women, especially if they consider their leakage “mild”.

Do you struggle with urinary incontinence? Symptom overview

Natural aging and childbirth directly affect the structures of the birth canal and vulva. The human body’s incredible capacity to rebound from trauma means that vaginal tissue, including muscles and skin, often retract after stretching profoundly.

However, some delicate anatomy doesn’t return to its former tone, and symptoms like SUI or lax vaginal tissue result. It’s possible to note unwanted changes simply due to age and shifting hormones.

The signs and symptoms of incontinence are often emotionally and mentally painful. Our patients report leaking urine when

  • sneezing
  • laughing
  • exercising or heavy lifting
  • having sex
  • standing up quickly
  • getting in or out of a car

You could leak just a few drops or a significant amount of urine. These occurrences may be a daily issue for you or something to deal with occasionally. You might be one of the many women who wear maxi pads regularly “just in case”.

Non-surgical incontinence treatment could free you to avoid these episodes and enjoy life confidently again.

Urinary incontinence treatment can now be surgery-free at Sovereign Female

Your reasons for treating your most intimate areas can be cosmetic, functional, or both. Now, at Sovereign, we have options that you can consider before urinary incontinence surgery. An invasive approach is still advised for some severe cases of prolapse and to repair the vaginal canal.

But many women have mild to moderate tissue laxity and leakage, so they prefer the powerful yet safe laser technology that we offer.

Non-invasive therapy used in aesthetic gynecology uses specialized thermal laser energy designed to tighten, tone, and restore the related structures. It allows you to avoid the pain and lengthy recovery related to incisions.


Benefits of Fotona laser

Fotona laser technology is renowned for safety and excellence, and they’ve designed 4 specialized vaginal laser devices to target women’s issues.

This in-office treatment for urinary incontinence at Sovereign Female doesn’t use anaesthetic, scalpels, or stitches. The Fotona laser procedures are non-ablative (they don’t damage your skin), so they’re also painless, and treatment is fast.

Fotona’s gynecological rejuvenation device lineup

  • Incontilase – designed for SUI treatment
  • Intimalase – vaginal tightening therapy tones lax tissue
  • Prolapselase – for prolapsed uterus, this device targets supportive structures
  • Renovalase – for vaginal atrophy, improved circulation, lubrication, and toned vaginal walls

In the privacy of our modern, welcoming cosmetic centre, you can undergo discreet vaginal rejuvenation, then return to your day immediately.

How does our laser treat incontinence?

The IntimaLase and IncontiLase devices deliver photothermal heat to the precisely targeted tissue layer. The energy stimulates the natural production of collagen (collagenesis) in vaginal walls and the supportive muscle around the urethra. On a microscopic level, tiny injuries result in accelerated healing and healthy, strong cell creation.

The lasers stimulate increased circulation as well (angiogenesis), which can in turn improve sensation and sexual health. Increased collagen and elastin fibres tighten vaginal walls while revived blood flow restores healthy mucosal skin and lubrication.

Collagen-rich endopelvic fascia can better support your bladder and strengthen the urethral orifice and vestibule to control leakage.

What will your treatment experience be like?

Urinary incontinence treatment at Toronto’s Sovereign Female is fast and straightforward. In the privacy of your suite, your female gynecologist will review the process, answer your questions, and then administer treatment. The whole session takes only 15 minutes on average.

The wand attachment has a slim, smooth shape designed to fit comfortably within the vaginal canal. The device is placed inside the vagina to target structures around your urethra directly. Laser pulses are then administered.

Patients describe the sensation as warm, sometimes tingly or a little itchy, but not painful.

What is recovery like?

When your session is complete, you may return to work or resume daily activities. You’ll be asked to avoid just a few things temporarily, such as inserting tampons or having sex for 1 week.

There’s no downtime required after urinary incontinence treatment, and you’ll have no incisions or skin damage to care for. That makes it a far more convenient option for busy lifestyles than surgical solutions.

The results of urinary incontinence treatment take some time to build up, because the body must generate new cells and tighten tissue. Circulation is increased, and then cellular changes appear over the following weeks and months.

Why is non-surgical incontinence treatment so in demand?

Our clients rave about the results that they get with Fotona. Some desirable side effects are reported right away, such as sensitivity and lubrication increases. Nearly 70% of patients are dry after 120 days!

120 days after therapy with Fotona, 94% of patients report improvement, and 68% claim to be totally free of symptoms.

How many treatments will you need?

Usually just 1 session delivers impressive results, but your gynecologist may recommend 2 sessions spaced a few months apart for optimal benefit.

How can you take control and stay dry? Book your private consultation at Sovereign

You’re invited to an appointment with our women’s health experts. You can simply call or fill our contact form to set up a private medical consultation with one of our experienced female laser nurses at Sovereign Female.

We’re so pleased to offer a real solution to something that many women suffer from: urinary incontinence. Our caring team is comprised of leading cosmetic and wellness experts with a passion for personalized, discreet treatment.

We believe that the whole person benefits from beauty, health, and wellness care. We offer no-obligation consultations so you can make an informed choice about what you want without any pressure.

When you visit, we’ll listen to your concerns and offer honest, compassionate feedback. You’ll be provided detailed information about the urinary incontinence treatment as well as considerations to know about.

This non-hormonal, drug-free, and non-invasive procedure is so fast that many people proceed with a urinary incontinence treatment directly following consultation. Shortly after stepping into Sovereign, you could be headed home with a new outlook and life-changing possibilities.

Don’t put up with leaks

You don’t have to just “deal with” the misery of occasional leaking anymore. Why not find out if laser incontinence treatment could be a life-changer for you? Reserve your no-obligation consultation for urinary incontinence today.


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