Also Known as Labia Reduction Surgery

What Is Labiaplasty?

Our bodies are beautifully diverse, and women’s labia (Latin for “lips”) can be various shapes, sizes, and tones, naturally.

Labiaplasty, also known as labia reduction surgery, is a minor cosmetic procedure designed to improve aesthetics and comfort in this intimate area.

Toronto labiaplasty patients are often concerned with excessive, asymmetrical vulva tissue. These inner vaginal lips may create unwanted friction and impair certain activities or comfort in clothing. Even though there is not a single standard way that labia minora should look, women who choose this procedure often want a “tidy” appearance with less prominent vaginal lips and balanced contours.

We want guests who visit Sovereign Female to know that we understand this sensitive issue. Our female plastic surgeons and gynecologist are experienced and compassionate. We’ve seen our patients uncover confidence and a renewed body image after making even subtle adjustments.

Your gynecologist surgeon or plastic surgeon will discuss available solutions with you and recommend a personalized labiaplasty treatment plan for you. If you’re ready to talk about feminine cosmetic surgery, we’d love to talk with you.

What Can a Labiaplasty in Toronto Do For You?

It’s important to know that labia reduction or vaginoplasty surgery are not done to restore virginity or because of sexual activity. It’s an unfortunate myth that sexual activity will enlarge a person’s labia. In reality, this tissue is affected by age, hormonal changes, childbirth, and more. Labia may appear asymmetric or enlarged due to time or your genetics.

Labiaplasty typically refers to the surgical reduction of excess labia minora. The labia majora are the larger, outer vaginal lips that surround the inner mucosal lips. The folds of skin that extend from the clitoris to the vaginal opening may be classified as “hypertrophic,” or excessively large.

A woman may experience pain during sexual intercourse or working out because the labia extend far past the outer lips. However, women are often delighted to learn that this frustrating issue can be solved rather quickly and easily through labiaplasty surgery.

Toronto labial reduction before and after pictures show neat, trim contours with the inner labia flush to outer lips or completely hidden when standing. This small change can allow women to enjoy riding a bike again, running, sex with their partner, and the wardrobe they want.

How Is Toronto Labiaplasty Performed?

About Labia Reduction Surgery

Labia reduction surgery is relatively minor, because it is quick to perform and patients usually heal rapidly. In many cases, labiaplasty can be performed using local anesthetic and IV sedation rather than a general anaesthetic. The procedure time is often less than 1 hour.

There are a few different labiaplasty techniques that are commonly used. The 2 most popular options are called the “trim” and the “wedge” techniques. In many cases, trimming away excess labia tissue is the most practical method and reduces the risk of wound closure issues or visible scarring.

During the operation, the surgeon removes a small amount of tissue to create a natural shape and symmetry on each side. Thin, dissolving stitches are placed along the edges, where they will soften after 7 to 10 days and then fall out on their own.

Once your procedure is complete, you’ll be taken to our elegant, comfortable recovery room, where you can relax until you are ready to return home.

Labiaplasty Recovery Timeline

You’ll be provided with a few straightforward care instructions to ensure that you heal well and comfortably. Our surgeons and nurses can be reached with questions at any time, and we’ll see you for a follow-up appointment at roughly 1 week after your labiaplasty.

What can you expect? An absorbent pad placed in your underwear may be replaced as needed, and you can expect some mild spotting for the first few days.

After your labiaplasty in Toronto, we’ll ask you to avoid inserting tampons or having sexual intercourse for 8 weeks. This helps ensure that delicate tissues are not irritated and that your sutures remain in place until the incisions close. It’s also essential to avoid infection risks such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and baths until you’re completely healed.

Gravity and blood pressure affect swelling, and because the labia tissue is highly vascular and sensitive, you may find that long periods of standing or any physical exertion prolong swelling in the area. You’ll be asked to pause workouts and avoid strenuous activity like heavy lifting for a few weeks.

Many of our patients return to office jobs and light work within 3 to 5 days.

Labia Reduction Surgery Toronto
What does a labiaplasty cost in Canada?

Toronto labiaplasty costs vary between practitioners and regions. With an experienced, Royal College-certified gynecologist surgeon or plastic surgeon in Toronto, the average cost for labiaplasty is roughly $6,000 + HST. (Prices are subject to change over time.) Your personalized quote may contain alternate procedure options or additional treatment fees that are not listed here.

The best way to discover what’s recommended just for you and to plan for the cost of a labiaplasty is to meet with your surgeon for a detailed consultation. You’ll have an opportunity to share your concerns, and you’ll be examined and will receive thoughtful, detailed feedback.

We work with reputable medical financing companies who help make payment easier through monthly plans. Feel free to ask us, and we’ll help you get in touch with them.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Women choose to enhance or change aspects of their bodies for personal and varied reasons. For some women, the appearance of their labia makes them self-conscious. Other women are bothered by asymmetry when one side is longer than the other. The labia minora may protrude far enough that they become a source of discomfort or pain.

Even though there is no standard of “normal” that you should conform to, you know that how you feel about your most intimate areas can influence your confidence in social or romantic situations. For some women, making a minor change can do wonders for their quality of life and body positivity.

If you’re wondering what your options are to improve the appearance or function of your labia or if you have questions about labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, laser vaginal rejuvenation, or other feminine treatments, you’re welcome to meet with our specialists at Sovereign Female. We understand women’s health. And we offer holistic, surgical, and non-surgical options that are designed to help you love how you feel again.

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You are encouraged to bring plenty of questions to your consultation and expect pressure-free feedback.

Sovereign knows that a woman’s health and body image can be central to her well-being. If you feel that labiaplasty may be right for you, our team will be happy to arrange your consultation and help you take one step closer to your goals. Call or write today.


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