Vitamin B12 Injections

The most direct and effective way to restore the right levels in women who are B12-deficient

B12 Deficiency

What is this critical vitamin, and why are so many people lacking it?

People of all backgrounds and ages can develop low B12. Women are prone to iron deficiency anemia, and B12 deficiency often goes hand in hand with anemia.

With the rise of veganism and various trending diets, people trying to make the healthiest choice for their body can end up missing vital nutrients. We’ll explain how essential this vitamin is for women’s health and why the B-Shot is one of our most popular treatments for whole-body revitalization at Sovereign Female.

Vitamin B12 injection: Why do we need an extra boost?

The World Health Organization (WHO) labels B12 deficiency as the most common nutritional disorder in the world!

A woman’s age, certain prescription medications, pregnancy, or a meat-free diet can all disrupt her optimal balance of vitamins. Your body uses vitamin B-12 to create red blood cells and to form nerves and DNA. The average woman should get 2.4 micrograms per day. It can’t be manufactured by your body, so if your diet is lacking, you’re going to notice.

Some women need a vitamin B12 injection because they don’t consume animal products and meat or their body doesn’t absorb vitamin B 12 efficiently.

Maybe you’ve heard about the incredible recharging effects that a vitamin injection can provide. Vitamin B12 injections are a top requested health and wellness service at Sovereign Female. The symptoms of B-12 deficiency are broad, so the best way to diagnose your issue is to meet with one of our specialists for personalized advice.

We’ll be happy to provide you with diet and lifestyle recommendations after your in-depth assessment. Call today and find out what the B-shot can do for you.

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Consider the common signs

  • Dizziness
    Vertigo and dizziness may suggest that your B12 stores are low. When standing up quickly or changing positions, dizziness could be a sign that you need testing.
  • Numbness, pins, and needles
    Tingling in the hands, lips, and other extremities may indicate insufficient vitamin B-12.
  • Pale skin
    Women with anaemia and B12 deficiency often have a pale or ashen complexion due to low red blood cells.
  • Memory loss and brain fog
    Many women become concerned about increasing forgetfulness, then discover that their missing vitamins were to blame.
  • Unexplained fatigue
    Even after a good night’s sleep, some people just don’t feel rested. B12-dependent oxygen will become inadequate for optimal brain function and physical energy if you’re deficient.
  • Poor vision
    Low B12 can lead to vision issues, beginning with blurriness or seeing spots.
  • Muscle weakness
    Vitamin B12 helps oxygenate your organs and muscles. People lose muscle strength and find that they suddenly can’t lift or perform the tasks that they used to. Trouble opening jars and carrying groceries may cause you to feel frustrated.
  • A smooth tongue
    People with a B vitamin deficiency often lose taste buds. They may develop a smooth, swollen, or reddened tongue known as glossitis.
  • Mood changes
    Several causes of mood swings can be challenging for women. One of them is vitamin B12 deficiency. It’s integral to serotonin and dopamine production. Some women experiencing extreme irritability or depression can benefit from a vitamin B12 injection.
  • Stomach discomfort/constipation
    One of the many triggers for digestion issues relates to B-12. Symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, or constipation can trouble people with this condition.
  • Heart palpitations
    B-12 deficiency sometimes leads to anemia. A symptom of pernicious anaemia is heart palpitations.
  • Shortness of breath
    Another symptom of low B12 is feeling like you can’t catch your breath. Deficient red blood cells and hemoglobin impair oxygen distribution throughout your body. That oxygen hunger leads to shortness of breath.
  • Difficulty walking
    When it is severe, a B12 deficiency can affect balance.
  • Skin, nail, & hair changes
    Vitiligo may be triggered by low B12, along with dermatitis and thinning or greying hair.

Do you need a vitamin B12 injection?

Some of the causes for poor vitamin absorption are out of your hands. As you get older, your chances of requiring supplementation go up. In particular, more women tend to notice related symptoms after the age of 40.

Other possible causes include digestion problems and medications related to heartburn. Excessive alcohol consumption and restricting animal products from your diet could also mean that you’re a prime candidate for effective supplementation.

For women who have issues with absorption, an injection, rather than oral supplements, tends to be better utilized, as injections bypass the digestive system. That means instant and lasting effects.

You may benefit from the B-shot if you
  • are a vegan
  • are a vegetarian
  • are over 40
  • take proton pump inhibitors or heartburn medications
  • suffer poor digestion or thinned stomach lining
How can you get back on track naturally and easily?

Along with superior-quality vitamin B12 injections, women who are interested in boosting their diet can often make a difference with a few key changes.

B vitamins are found in most dairy products, including Swiss cheese, eggs, yogourt as well as in sardines, salmon, and organ meats. If you’re a vegan, talking with a trusted physician or dietician about supplementation is a good idea.

Vitamin B12 injections — What will your treatment involve?

Our stylish facility is conveniently located in downtown Toronto at 59 Hayden Street. We offer specialized, comfortable, and welcoming service catered to your individual needs. Your appointment will be discreet and allow you to get back to your day right away.

You’ll receive your injection with one of our skilled nurses in a spacious treatment suite. Our nurse will provide you with a few instructions before you head back out only 10 to 15 minutes later.

You’ll begin to feel energized immediately, which is a much-appreciated bonus.

Common FAQs Regarding Vitamin Injections

Patients often ask, “Do B12 shots really work?”

The benefits can often be felt nearly instantly! This method of supplementation is often better absorbed for more dramatic improvements than the standard pill form.

Are B12 injections painful?

If you don’t like needles, you’ll be impressed by how positive, quick, and comfortable this treatment can be. The vitamin is injected in an arm muscle or hip with a thin needle.

Are there B12 injection side effects?

Your consultation will cover what you need to know, including the benefits and risks or possible side effects. Vitamin B 12 injections sometimes cause digestive upset, minor inflammation at the injection site, and a metallic taste in the mouth. These typically pass quickly, and we’ll let you know how to be in touch with our experts if you need anything.

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