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What is Vaginal Laxity?

Though this intimate issue is common, vaginal laxity is treatable. Sovereign Female can help.

The cosmetic gynecologists at Sovereign know that women’s sexual health can be embarrassing to talk about. Women may hesitate to ask about non-surgical vaginal laxity treatment, because they believe it’s a problem they are stuck with. We’re happy to say that you can finally get the answers you need and a renewed sex life after only one discreet appointment.

The development of loose vagina walls is associated with childbirth. However, menopausal hormone fluctuations, weight changes, and natural ageing may also play a part.

If your sexual enjoyment has diminished, it could take a toll on your emotional health. Did you know that there are drug-free, non-invasive solutions for vaginal laxity that can have you feeling confident and excited about sex again? Our specialists welcome your questions and offer the latest intimate rejuvenation technology to help you get back to yourself again.

Causes of Vaginal Laxity

This question is often asked by women who notice confusing and concerning changes in their bodies. Unfortunately, answers found online may be misleading. For example, sexual intercourse doesn’t reduce “tightness.” In fact, healthy sexual stimulation helps support abundant blood flow to the vaginal muscles and vulva.

The walls of your vagina hold fibrous collagen and elastin that allow stretching, but these elements diminish throughout your whole body over time. Vaginal childbirth also stretches and stresses these fibres dramatically.

Your body has an impressive ability to bounce back after vaginal delivery, but some degree of residual laxity often remains for women who have given birth one or more times.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and vaginal prolapse also develop for some women due to tissue trauma and a loss of muscle tone. For many, a host of sexual health changes may occur in combination, including SUI, vaginal laxity, and a loss of natural lubrication. Irritation, increased bladder infections, and painful sexual intercourse can be the result of these subtle tissue alterations.

Women of all ages and backgrounds experience vagina laxity. Some studies indicate that 50% of new mothers report that these problems are unresolved a year after childbirth.

You might not find that vaginal laxity or dryness affect your sex life until you’re nearing menopause, but whether you’re 25 or 65, you can improve vaginal tone, tightness, and fulfilling intimate relationships.

Vaginal Laxity Treatment Toronto

Vaginal Tightening

What Are the Natural Ways to Tighten Your Vagina?

Kegel Exercises

You may have heard of “Kegels” designed to be a discreet DIY exercise to combat a “loose vagina.” These pelvic floor exercises require you to repeatedly flex and hold muscles in your perineum surrounding the vulva. While these are convenient to perform anywhere, many people find it difficult to do them correctly or consistently. As well, Kegels don’t tone your interior vaginal walls, which means they are ineffective to treat true vaginal laxity.

A growing number of Sovereign Female patients want safe, natural treatment options for better sexual health and improved body positivity. It is less common to recommend surgical vaginal tightening today. Non-surgical technology has made astounding advancements and can achieve so much without ever requiring a scalpel.

Laser Vaginal Laxity Treatment

Sovereign Female is home to one of the most powerful non-invasive laser devices designed for intimate rejuvenation, IntimaLase. A comprehensive system with a comfortable, fast application provides vaginal laxity treatment in the following ways:

  • Improved vaginal wall tone
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Urinary continence support
  • Enhanced sexual sensation
  • Revitalized vulva appearance

How Does IntimaLase Treat Vaginal Laxity?

IntimaLase is a convenient, painless experience. While you relax in your private treatment suite, Fotona’s Er:YAG laser uses photothermal tightening to remodel vaginal tissue. Without damaging surface cells, this precisely directed energy generates collagen (collagenesis) and contracts existing collagen fibres in the mucosal tissue.

Described as comfortable, easy, and extremely effective, IntimaLase has fast become a gold standard for feminine rejuvenation and the treatment of vaginal laxity.

But that’s not all that IntimaLase can do for you.

The term vaginal relaxation syndrome means diminished structural strength and form in the vagina. Hormonal changes, vaginal childbirth, and advancing age can all contribute to vaginal laxity, which decreases sexual pleasure for women.

IntimaLase is unique because it targets the specific tissue layers responsible for vaginal elasticity and mucosal skin health. It actively tightens while generating new collagen to increase wall thickness, blood supply, and lubrication. The toning effect on delicate ligaments and muscles also helps reduce SUI symptoms for most patients. The results reported include more comfortable, enjoyable sex along with improved quality of life and confidence.

Our gentle, non-ablative intimate laser uses the proprietary “Smooth mode” setting, which is finely calibrated to generate significant changes in vaginal tissue without discomfort or recovery time.

What Happens During a Sovereign Female Vaginal Laxity Treatment?

Your IntimaLase session will be provided in one of our welcoming treatment suites. Much like a standard pelvic exam, the cosmetic gynecologist will first discuss the procedure details and address your questions, then provide a brief internal exam.

The device uses a smooth, handheld attachment wand placed inside your vagina, where it can deliver pulses of photothermal energy throughout the space.

During your treatment, cellular changes will occur in the mucosa of your vaginal walls. This deep internal process of collagen fibres contracting and the natural cell regeneration can’t be felt.  As the handpiece is moved outward, patients sometimes describe it as a sensation of warmth, similar to hot stone massage, but not unpleasant.

Your entire vaginal laxity treatment will take roughly 30 minutes. The best part is, IntimaLase doesn’t require downtime. Our patients schedule treatments over lunch breaks or after work, whenever their busy schedules allow. They can return to work and resume their day right away.

We’ll ask you to avoid sexual intercourse and tampon insertion for a few days after.

When Can You Expect Results?

Most people don’t feel their treatment, but they’re excited to feel their results! Regenerating collagen and stimulating cellular changes takes time. The process requires 3 to 6 months on average and 1 to 3 sessions for optimal effects. Your body will need some time to generate healthy blood flow and build collagen. However, our patients often report improvements that they can feel after a single treatment!

You can expect your results to last 1 year or longer. Since age-related vaginal changes are continual, we typically recommend yearly maintenance appointments to continue enjoying the restorative benefits of IntimaLase.

Schedule Your Consultation for Vaginal Laxity Treatment at Sovereign Female

You don’t have to accept discomfort or an unsatisfying sex life related to vaginal laxity. Sovereign Female offers natural, surgery-free technology to improve your comfort, confidence, and pleasure. Safely restoring vaginal tone could be just a call away.

At Sovereign Female, we cater to women’s health and bring effective solutions together with innovative, holistic aesthetic medicine. Our specialists in gynecology, laser therapy, and cosmetic surgery are happy to listen and provide honest feedback and a custom-tailored plan just for you.

You’re invited to schedule a confidential consultation and reveal your vibrant self again!

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