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StarFormer® TightWave®

StarFormer is Toronto’s newest power alternative to Kegels, pelvic floor therapy, and sweating it out at the gym.

Sovereign Female is pleased to be the first in Ontario, Canada, to offer advanced, pulsed magnetic muscle stimulation, toning, and pelvic floor tightening, all in one comfortable, non-invasive device.

We know the frustration and embarrassment that comes with incontinence and vaginal or pelvic floor laxity. Even though a high percentage of women from all backgrounds experience the sometimes life-altering changes that weakened perineal tissue brings, it’s a widespread problem that is not commonly talked about.

If your sexual satisfaction has declined, if you leak when you laugh, and if all the Kegels that you manage to fit into your day haven’t helped, imagine instead a safe, discreet way to amplify your pelvic floor exercise dramatically with a few fast, effortless appointments.

Patients are describing StarFormer’s magnetic therapy benefits as “life-changing.” Its potential advantages cover several areas of body contouring, sexual health and continence treatment, and even pain relief.

The latest evolution of magnetic pulse muscle stimulation is for women who want to safely slim and tone their abs, core, arms, glutes, and more. Invisible, pain-free magnetic pulse energy can generate very visible changes in your body and confidence.

StarFormer doesn’t use heat, and it’s not radiofrequency, fat freezing, or an uncomfortable, invasive procedure.

Our new High-Intensity Tesla Magnetic Stimulation (HITS™) system is a novel magnetic stimulation device engineered by Fotona to target deep toning and tissue repair with your discretion, convenience, and comfort in mind.

What Can Magnetic Pulse Pelvic Therapy and Muscle Toning Do for You?

Whether you’re focused on regaining control of stress urinary incontinence and other issues associated with a weak abdominal floor or if you’re not seeing the sculpted, toned results that you work for at the gym, StarFormer can fast-track results without time-consuming, strenuous workouts. And its uniquely designed IntimaWave applicator directs toning, reparative, magnetic energy deep into the hard-to-reach intimate tissues of your pelvic region where conventional workouts don’t go.

High-intensity focused electromagnetic technology triggers productive pelvic floor muscle contractions – just like the DIY pelvic floor exercises that many women are advised to do. However, StarFormer’s magnetic field chair effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles 11,000 times in just 28 minutes! No matter how dedicated you are to flexing at home, this is a level up in effectiveness and results that are not possible without a little help from magnetic energy.

Scientifically speaking, the induction of a magnetic field through strategically placed applicators depolarizes neurons, generating concentric contractions to lift your pelvic floor muscles. Painless electromagnetic energy moves through clothing, skin, and bone to reach in-depth penetration and stimulate the entire pelvic floor area. The tiny muscles responsible for urinary control and sexual satisfaction are all strengthened directly.

Likewise, for your larger muscle groups like the arms, thighs, and abs, this breakthrough technology transmits magnetic pulse energy through clothing to stimulate muscle contraction. Though the sessions are quite comfortable, the rate and effectiveness of contractions far surpass a traditional workout. As a result, muscle groups visibly strengthen and help form the fit, recontoured figure you want.

Magnetic therapy is for beauty, inside and out!

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StarFormer Magnetic Therapy System Options

*TightWave® applicators are used to strengthen and tone muscles such as:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

You may have heard about electromagnetic muscle therapy used in physiotherapy or for toning and strengthening muscles. Various devices that induce involuntary muscle contractions have been on the market for years, but the ease of use, comfort, and effectiveness of StarFormer’s HITS system offers a far more effective, clothing-penetrating magnetic field for pulsed magnetic energy that can finally reach and transform tissue in areas never before possible.

We love that our StarFormer system can meet the needs of diverse patients, whether they want to build muscle, tone the pelvic floor, or help their post-baby body bounce back.

The functional magnetic stimulation activates your motor neurons to contract individual muscles or groups of muscles. What makes it exceptional for comprehensive tissue health is direct nerve stimulation, which increases cell metabolism as well. The HITS magnetic field improves perineural circulation and nutrition for lasting, beautiful strength.

*IntimaWave® applicators are situated in a comfortable chair designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, treat stress urinary incontinence, and reduce vaginal laxity. Many earlier forms of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy required direct skin contact and uncomfortable or unpleasant energy delivery.

The StarFormer chair allows patients to sit fully clothed in a private suite while a personally adjusted program works to stimulate muscle contraction in the entire pelvic floor area. The result is long-term, buildable pelvic floor strength and the improved control of urine flow.

Here’s Why Women Are Choosing Body Contouring with Magnetic Muscle Stimulation in Toronto:

  • Strengthen muscles quickly and easily – no workouts, but all the benefits!
  • Lose inches off your abdomen, waist, thighs, and arms
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase sexual sensation and function through toning and circulation
  • Target difficult-to-reach core, pelvic, and intimate areas
  • See results in a non-invasive and drug-free manner
  • Target skin laxity following weight loss and childbirth
  • Avoid preparation or recovery time
  • Burn fat and shape muscle
  • Define large muscle groups
  • Improve core strength
  • Enjoy high success and patient satisfaction rates

What Will Your StarFormer Magnetic Therapy Be Like?

Your Sovereign practitioner will meet with you privately to discuss your goals and explain how the device works. They’ll let you know that tingling, tickling, and muscle-tensing sensations are expected during your session, and they will select a program to match your body’s needs and goals. The intensity and duration of the sessions can be adjusted for comfort and paused at any time.

Without touching your skin, StarFormer’s high-intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation generates a magnetic field to activate your cells. You’ll feel your muscles contract for short intervals in the target areas, and the long-term results of cellular changes will build over time.

Each 20- to 30-minute magnetic body-contouring treatment delivers roughly 50,000 muscle contractions!

But even though it’s an intense workout on a cellular level, patients can leave and return to their normal daily activities immediately after their session.

You can come as you are and stay fully clothed during treatment, but it is recommended that you avoid bulky or uncomfortable clothing for optimal effectiveness and an enjoyable experience.

Magnetic pulses pass harmlessly through clothing, skin, and bone to reach inaccessible, deep pelvic tissue and other challenging muscle groups.

StarFormer brings Toronto women safe, discreet healing for intimate issues that we can’t easily see, along with satisfying, outward slimming and body-shaping results!

Schedule Your Consultation for Magnetic Therapy at Sovereign Female

At Sovereign, we care deeply about women’s health, wellness, and confidence, not just outward beauty. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of cosmetic, hormonal, sexual health, and fitness treatments that are proven safe and are known to deliver stunning before and after results.

Though StarFormer is safe and effective for most people, there are some factors and medical conditions that may affect its suitability for you, so you’re invited to contact us and learn about the next steps.

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